When a Gypsy Woman Loses Her Control She…

Sam Cliff
5 min readJan 7, 2024

It’s amazing how going through it once with my Ex-Wife prepared me so well for another round — all I can say is I fell into the Magic and crashed my boat once, but not this time.

The Magic and Why it Exists

What the Gypsy Woman does is convince a Mark that she is the filter through which all reality flows as a method of control. Because the Gypsy Woman genetically does not have a measurable, functioning emotional core of value — hence the compulsion for more, hoarding, and avoiding confrontation and consequences…unless they are the one dealing them. Basically my point is Gypsy Women only know emotions as we think of ingredients in a cooking recipe.

To give the comparison a little more context, the Gypsy Woman looks at a person’s emotions — happy, sad, hurt, whatever — the same as you would distinguish between a Carrot and a bag of Flour. They are just things with no method for normal emotional processing that most, well, almost all of us take for granted at a base level. This disconnection is what throws us off — we expect reciprocal investment and the Gypsy Woman is, in the most primal sense, simply giving off the scent and impression it’s there.

It ain’t.

When I claim Gypsy Women do not feel emotion, these are the two very closely studied examples that align so well I will stand by it until genuinely proven otherwise…won’t happen…

Opening the Box of the Last Cards

Again to think of emotions as what we “feel” and the person across from us is only aware of emotions so far as they can be triggered to advance their personal gain, their survival, and that’s why it’s hard wired into the Gypsy Women. No matter who makes the baby with them, the line will be there and if raised in the insular, paranoid mental state, well…again, breaking the cycle takes change.

A Gypsy Woman is defeated and knows she lost control and things will probably go terribly for her when she plays these cards:

I’ve done nothing wrong to you!

You were my Best Friend.

Why are you trying to screw us?

I really thought you were going to try.

Come on we are your friends don’t do this…

All of those?

Those are things they’ve basically learned by watching other people, or in the case of my Landlord, she’s probably quoting the painful pleas from people she was fucking over and when she felt the slightest bit of discomfort she opened the box, like my Ex-Wife and said:

Apparently these mean something important so now is the time to play them because otherwise they’ve spit the bit…

A horse with rider usually has a “bit” to control the Horse…if you read about it, yeah, spit the bit…

You Can’t Hurt What Does Not Exist

For an example of how absolutely broken the emotional wiring is in a Woman of this type, this memory didn’t make sense — and no Counselor was willing to even go near it — but now it does…

When I was being abused by Guy Carpenter in shifts — first Jeff, then Michele — all I wanted and begged for was support to stop doing that, get a regular 40 hour a week job at like O’Reilly or a place where I could advance well within a year if I just start out honestly…my heart was broken, the tears were streaming down my face as I used the Washing Machine to balance myself. From the kitchen I saw her and she was so, so, so tense.

You’re making me so mad I want to throw this coffee cup at you right now.

Yes. That’s what she said. It was already in her hand.

When I was on the verge of basically losing the will to live, it made her mad. No comfort. No sympathy. Violence. That’s fucked up yo.

I just wonder in this modern era of identity discussions — yours truly deciding the given name was not reflective of the Man Himself and decided it’s totally fine to make this kind of change…are they going to keep up the lie about Race and Ethnicity?

Sure, my Ex-Wife is Latina looking for the most part, but not quite and she knows it too. Our daughter? Not Latina at all. A little Gypsy Princess. My Ex-Wife pretended to be a Catholic Latina when in reality she’s a Soulless Gypsy who snagged a Man, got a Baby, took him for all she could at his peak earnings and claimed victim status all the way because her Magic worked where it was needed — after all this was a lifetime plan — and ran back to her Family not physically but she never left.

She was never my Wife, if we’re being totally honest here. When things have no meaning anything with meaning ceases to have meaning — for the Gypsy Woman, she defines meaning to her Mark as long as she has to and basically…well, I know why she was tired all the time. It’s hard pretending. That’s why I want my Daughter to know the Truth.

I’m fine realizing I have to have a significant amount of Gypsy bloodline in me to have the gifts of Music and Charm — yet as a Mutant and in Texas smoking lots of Cannabis to help with a serious Handicap — my Spirit and Soul learned Humility and Gratitude for the nice things people do for each other. After my divorce, I saw it first-hand.

The Kindness of Strangers is Real for those who understand what it’s like, as the Everlast song says in the chorus.

The Gypsy Woman, on the other hand, finds something about you Good and Pure that you Like and, without second thought I now know, tells anyone in her benefit orbit 100% the opposite so when you are confronted with a sincere belief from the other person, your natural reaction is over-the top offended because of the severity of the untruth.

I watched my Landlord tell a Judge that I was destroying the residence after both her and her Husband complimented me numerous times for my care, efforts, and work. This is how they work. This is why I was ready to acknowledge that my Foe accepted my Rules of Engagement warning about her methods and now I know I am not hurting a Person. People have feelings.



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