What’s the Difference Between an Gypsy and a Landlord?

Sam Cliff
2 min readJan 1, 2024

Tomorrow after court I’ll tell you, but for now…

Hello 2024

Tomorrow is January 2, 2024 and at 10 am I have an eviction hearing in Dallas County Court to my current knowledge as of this post. The arrangement for my residence is ridiculous — after paying in advance in lump sum, now when hard up for money, the pair suddenly are very motivated to pay attention and start demanding more. Why should I give them more? I’ve paid up, this is my residence now, and if they believe I should be threatened by “the contract” that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on because I told them you have until January 2 to get this Ghost Ship legal…I won’t be the one serving time.

As you can clearly hear in the song below, she believes this is “her house” and therefore she’s responsible for its condition, even though her husband’s name is on the Court paperwork.

I have a 20:24 minute version if you want it


Immediately after this exchange I asked her if she owned the note. She said Yes clearly. Now word around the campfire is the bank needs the money or they might lose this place. Well, not my problem. Tomorrow should be interesting, because I know I’ve got a great day ahead of me with my brand-new Hagar Box!



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