Unedited: 2017 Workplace Abuse by Gaslighting at Guy Carpenter

Sam Cliff
2 min readNov 16, 2023

In the Gonzo School of Journalism, being a part of the narrative and reporting is fundamental — methods may not correlate to CNN or AP guidelines as written, however the Spirit and Ethics remain — this is newsworthy in 2023.

All You Need to Know for Now

Through much pain and suffering in the past year, the amount of personal growth and peace compensate seven-fold. Harmful people in daily life? Gone. Sharing a bed with a spoiled dog? Gone. Oh, but also the whole no-job-no-family-no-future-on-paper thing — it’s difficult to figure out how to survive when I know grit is my thing and why survive ain’t a question.

Without hesitation, the chronology of my professional career decline from a positive trend and how my personal “family and friends” only compounded the harm goes back to one person. She’s not getting mentioned here. She knows who she is because I’ve sent fair warning.

No, this was the next gig trying to get out from a bad situation and ending up in one much worse. Same parent company. How awful was the change?

My professional expertise is Fortune / Big Gov sales team coordination for document submissions — contracts usually start at $100k and the last one I got out the door in 2022 was for $25MM in AEC. Gaslighting is a person like Michelle not being smart enough to read PO and Requisition Numbers or follow email communications and TELLING ME I’M NO GOOD.

Please note: When I say “I follow you…Yes” it is not agreeing with the validity of Michelle’s claim or statement — it is me saying “Yes, I follow your logic” because I know I could not in good conscience agree she was correct in her assertion. Therefore, please take detailed notes regarding Michelle’s claims and compare them with the documents on record, the PO numbers, the requisition numbers, and whether or not she could write a formal complaint email without adding extra paragraph breaks like an idiot.

MBII Ran Hard & So Did I



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