OnlyFans: Gonzo Goes Creator & Learns About Subscriber Engagement

Sam Cliff
7 min readNov 10, 2023

With prior experience in adult oriented businesses, communities, clubs, film festivals, film production, parties, and voyeuristic adventures, OnlyFans seemed an upgrade from playing guitar on the street for tips…

True Story: I was not playing for tips (not allowed in Sundance Square w/out permit) but a boy dropped in cash on behalf of his Mom and siblings for me ❤

Performance and Art in the Digital Age

Music is for sharing. With great tools on smartphones (Garage Band, Figure, FL, etc) I encourage every age and interest to try making a “track” within the next year. What’s a track? You define it! A few piano notes, maybe a drum loop and you sing over it…my point is it comes from you and you alone and now we have the technology to share that.

What’s just as compelling as music? Beautiful Women. What is beautiful? See above about taste in music, because diversity is part of us as a species inherently. For whatever reason, I guess that’s why North American Plains Indigenous, Latin Americans, and Persian heritage Women over 35 with hourglass / healthy frames just send my heart racing.

Example of Tejas Latinas with Fantastic Womanly Figures (not a creep shot!)

Respect the Hustle

For whatever reason, the Jesus stories that come to mind most these days are lessons about humility, gratitude, humanity, compassion, and generally being a hippie:

The Struggle Is Real

Bet. Got my own. I recognize yours exists even if you don’t explain or want to talk much. We can get along well. Also, because of my painful background, I give off a strong, very different type of vibe. There’s a reason I basically introduce myself as “Winston Wolf” these days. Smart, in control, dangerous and kind at the same time. It’s good to be me.

After touring Asian-Style Massage Parlors using cash in various cities and counties throughout North Texas, BYOB Men’s or Cabaret Clubs and not the upscale types — a couple months after my visit there was a shootout and homicide at one of them out West of Fort Worth, Temptations, tried a few Dance & Cougar oriented places to see the style and vibe of women kind of just out for the money. They have reasons to do what they do. I spend the money and I…



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