NinJedi — Social Engineering at the Strip Club

Sam Cliff
3 min readFeb 23, 2023

Try to work me? Let me give you a modestly costly lesson in skillz…

Cowboy Up

So far so good in the journeys across various outlying areas of North Texas. Texoma was cool but wouldn’t want to live there long term. Denton wasn’t fun because I was there during the freeze. I might owe them another trip. Overall though I try and seek out the dregs or dives where people without a lot keep their chins up. They didn’t choose it, but I choose them.

Moving around in high society is easy for me after a couple finishing schools and hanging out with the Sons and Daughters of Very Powerful People and getting invited to their parties. Saudi Royals. Panamanians who became Swiss by nationality. These circles operate differently.

Cash Talks

Going to a strip club takes some basic preparation to ensure you still got your wallet and car keys at the end of the visit. Don’t go if you’re broke, but also don’t bring the card with all the money. Might not see it again and ain’t no beautiful “I’m from Cuba” (no you’re not) hottie is worth long term hassle like that.

A good rack is $200 or so and BYOB some gear. Showing up at midnight to a place that closes at 4 am, yeah, it was pretty dead. Lots of ladies looking for greens and I walked into a feeding frenzy. Got some stares and invitations but skipped over for another beauty looking more Persian than Latina. Score.

Within minutes the sales got going — hey pay the extra money for the wrist band that will allow you to get a lap dance and by the way these are expensive compared to the rest of the clubs. From my chair nothing about the ladies demanded that kind of premium because they looked the way they showed up from Venezuela or maybe Guatemala. They say Cuban so you stop guessing if they’re legal or not — sexy refugee!

Actually, I’m Getting Out of Prison

What happens when a street smart sonofabitch gets played? He goes NinJedi with Social Engineering. Basically Corbin Dallas…wanna play it hard…we’ll play it hard. Always try and make it to the fog…

Getting worked and told I had to pay $200 when I had $120 of good money and would’ve liked to have another dancer and maybe time to finish my first beer before being shown to the ATM. Best part? At $30 a dance and 6 dances I asked her how much and she couldn’t do the math. So yeah.

Instead of trying to fix the obvious glitch in the system — nobody works me and gets away with it if I’m not blackout — I pulled the plug.

Okay, I have more cash in my car.

The Play-Doh in a Teddy Bartender Chica followed me asking

Don’t you want to leave your phone behind?

And being around real shit in Deep Ellum I just laughed inside my head because I’ve had scary homeless people try harder. Nope, I made my way to the doors, escorted by Kimbo Slice but fat and not strong in a Suit Jacket following me and informing Security — sitting in a car looking at they phones — I was going to get more money.

Yeah, totally…as I look behind and nobody on my tail…

Alright alright alright!

Get in car, drive away in car.

Peace out!



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