Fucked Up Field Trips 2023 — Millwood Hospital

Sam Cliff
9 min readJan 15, 2023

The first entry in a series showing you what happens behind closed doors when you think you’re doing the right thing…

Introduction to Mental Health

Going back into my youth, I’ve seen counselors and therapists for mental health since about double digits. It’s a white culture thing here in the United States, and at least I never got medicated until I found my own trio — alcohol, nicotine, and Mary Jane. Overall, going to talk to somebody who is being paid to listen is pretty useful.

I wear a Medic Alert and want to wear this as well

Just like a chat-bot on the computer it’s an input-output thing. Being dishonest with the self and using the appointment just to pass the time, well, I know a lot of people doing that right now and paying money for the service. Personally I prefer getting lessons even if small nuggets to work over in my own head later. So with this two-way-street understanding, I’ve also played the field.

Not every counselor deserves to be noodling around in my head. The bell curve is real and I’m a Writer — we came up with Psychology. You, ahem, professionals, are using a manual we wrote to try and be scientific with an artform. How do I know this? Well, I’ve decided to dedicate 2023 to taking awful, sometimes painful field trips to report back to society at large what happens behind closed doors.

In this first entry, we’re going to explore Mental Health treatment in Tarrant County by way of John Peter Smith Hospital and Millwood Hospital. When you, concerned relative or parent, send your loved one to these people, you deserve to know what happens. I’m going to tell you straight up, swear on any book, my word as my honor and I will sleep fine at night, things you need to know but will cringe once you know.

Ending 2022’s Rollercoaster

Used for commentary so you know what ugly looks like

Before my trip to John Peter Smith (JPS) floor 10, 2022 was finally over and I was free from the ankle cuff as an inmate patient. I think it was four nights with 24/7 observation and only up to use the bathroom. Well, I asked for a bed pan for Deputy Childs to not have to uncuff me but she made me…



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